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butterfly valve manufacturers china

Hebei Tongchan is a professional butterfly valve manufacturers china with more than 40 years's experience. Our main products include gate valves, globe valves, check valve, ball valves, Y-Strainers, foot valve and some ductile iron fittings. We aim to provide customers all over the world with complete valve solution and devote ourselves in the global valve industry

Butterfly valve introduction

The butterfly valve consists of valve body, valve, butterfly plate and a sealing ring. The bodyis cylindrical, short axial length, built-in disc. The butterfly plate driven by the stem, if turned 90 degrees, will be able to complete a hoist. The deflection angle change of the disc, you can control the flow of media.

Working condition and medium: butterfly valve used in furnace, gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, city gas, hot and cold air, metallurgical and chemical industry and environment-friendly power generation, building to drainage engineering system transport all kinds of corrosive and non corrosive fluid pipe for regulating and truncated medium flow.

butterfly valve manufacturers china

Information of butterfly valve:

Nominal Pressure PN(MPa): 1.0MPa

Nominal Diameter DN(mm): DN200

Suitable Temperature °C: 80 °C

Material: cast steel

Suitable Medium:  Fresh water, Sea water, Air

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