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ANSI 150 gate valve cheap

ANSI 150 gate valve- Classification According to Wedges

Different valves utilize different types of wedges and each valve is distinguished accordingly. The following sections describe some of the important classifications.

The flexible wedge valve: These valves include both one-piece and twin-piece disc to alter the angle in between the seats. The wedge valves are quite flexible and can be found in different varieties. One of the most commonly used flexible wedge valve is the parallel side valve which is used in the stem valves. These valves can expand and contract as it has the ability to withstand the varying climatic conditions.

Solid wedge valve: Gate valve with a solid wedge can be used for all types of liquids. It is suitable for turbulent flow as it is strong with a simple construction. With a solid construction in a single piece, these wedge valves are widely used in many areas.

Split wedge valves: These wedges are used mostly for corrosive liquids and non-condensing gas. This wedge type includes two pieces which is positioned between the tapered seats in the body of the valve.

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